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Éternel is a one-woman design studio creating strong and lasting brand experiences that go beyond just beautiful logos.

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Featured projects


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Branding isn’t just creating a pretty logo. The brand is the personality of a business or company: not only how it looks but also how it does things, how it interacts with clients and customers, its voice, its values and ethics.

I take care of the visual part of branding, and that includes a logo, yes, along with other elements like submarks, patterns, illustrations or icons, color palette and typefaces. But I do it with purpose and strategy, and I work hand in hand with my clients to make sure their visual identity works as a whole with their vision, their personality, ideal clients and overall brand.

Having a website is a must nowadays when having any kind of business. Being able to showcase your services or products, even sell them or book them online, allowing your audience to know a bit more about the brand, about you… Not only it makes you look more legit and increases the chances of selling more, but its also a powerful tool to show your brand’s personality, voice and values — all of which I spoke above.

With my brand + web package, you’ll have this covered.

These are other design elements aside from the brand identity itself and the website, that you may need to market your business with consistency: business cards, social media templates, editorial design…

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